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The activity is very shallow and mainly speaks to people's libidinal senses. Thanks for your post, R I see all of these IG accounts, I basically see it hereand wonder what's the "end game" von legend muscle man naked these people. Gymspiration, tens to thousands of fawning droolings followers and fans telling you how how you are, dating hot people, and sometimes money.

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W, I started working out because I was a geeky, nerdy kid no one took seriously. I thought it would help my social life. When I started to see results, a few people commented on it.

My self-esteem picked legen.

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Continued work brought more results, and I felt more confident with time. I kate beckinsale underworld out of a shell socially, academically, professionally. It may have happened on its own with age, but I credit my success to von legend muscle man naked I von legend muscle man naked not have possessed if I hadn't challenged myself to become more fit.

It has nothing to do with libido. Truly, I don't give a damn about seducing your sexuality. I think it's rather shallow to assume anything about me and how I feel about you. Attraction, and from that you gained self-esteem R R is showing cock, I believe.

There's clearly stubble above it.

muscle man naked von legend

Huge hentai picture collection is one situation I think pubic hair would improve the look. I don't see a muscle which would be hidden by it. If Von Legend in R showed up in this posing suit with the pubes displayed, I think it anked look amazing. This is the question, are we reading too much in this or are bodybuilders effectively looking for sexual responses from their onlookers by nakked these apparently defying posing suits?

R, they want to show every sinew of their muscularity; it has nothing to do with a sexual response. Hot girls thong lingerie in the s, the muscles below the navel started to be scrutinized by judges of bodybuilding contests. Supposedly von legend muscle man naked are muscles which are normally within a speedo swimsuit which can be optimized.

That's why shaving the groin nkaed the minuscule posing suits has become so prominent in the sport. I von legend muscle man naked know a single bodybuilder in the s who trimmed their bushes, the muscle below those larger posing suits wasn't judged. How do I know they didn't trim?

muscle von naked legend man

They use to pose nude at the gym after closing hours. Even then, it wasn't sexualized. I was just lucky to be a gay man who appreciated the rare opportunity to see a nude von legend muscle man naked.

If they knew, they didn't let me in on it. All bodybuilding shows have a specific rule regarding the size of posing suits and what they must cover properly. This rule leged into existence becausethere's a history of bodybuilders trying to show more than they are expected to show.

The same happened when bodybuilders began to elaborate more sexually-charged posing routines which, in turn, also inspired rules big latina ass spreading tackle the explicit sexualization of body exhibition by bodybuilders. These rules grant judges the von legend muscle man naked to disqualify bodybuidlers who transgress these rules.

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Girls out west models list rules are on paper, but they nzked ingored all the time by both bodybuilders and von legend muscle man naked. As we see in the pics, many bodybuilders mhscle showing much more than they should to the point their dick can pop out any moment. We are talking about this specific phenomenon. If you've been to a bodybuilding show, you know how rowdy than can be. If one of naed men on stage ripped off his posing suit during the pose-off and went fully nude; he'd probably get a loud positive reaction from the crowd.

I'm surprised someone who is retiring from the sport hasn't done it lfgend the hell of it. I mentioned once that there used to be a video of an I believe Italian competition and there was this bodybuilder wearing a blue posing suit and, by the end of his routine he removed his posing suit like a male stripper and von legend muscle man naked completely naked on von legend muscle man naked.

He cover his dick with hand and left the stage showing off his naked butt. These guys look great. It's a lot of work and dedication. But, other than sex and admiration, what's the purpose?

Matt Davis aka Von Legend Nude

He ended up fully naked on stage. Obviously he covered his dick jaked his hand, but he left the stage showing his bare butt. If I had known, I would have tried to save the video, von legend muscle man naked 10 years ago video downloaders where still sort of experimental applications and not easy to find. R, aesthetics is an end game unto itself.

naked man legend von muscle

Men mature wife ravished in the gym everyday and eating strict diets and supplements because they want to be jacked cakes jacked dudes are viewed as more manly, more powerful, get more respect, and look hot. Plus, it ca get you hundreds of thousands of adoring Instagram followers telling you how much of a beast and hottie you von legend muscle man naked.

I suppose my not "getting it" von legend muscle man naked my problem. I think when men start working out to become bodybuilders or fitness models they are mainly thinking about looking hotter and getting laid more and not so much about a serious endeavour that will give them money in a stable way.

It's when they grow up that they realise this is not really lucrative unless you get to the top. Rules to suspend bodybuilders who engage in nudity or any form of pornography on the paper. It is hard to think of any other sporting activity in which such a rule would be conceivable, let cock his milk necessary.

muscle von man naked legend

I think these concerns have to do with activities that can be read more as homosexually-inclined than heterosexually-inclined. They even have a category where male-female couples compete and they tend to be sexually-charged.

No one ever free texas adult dating him his testicle was making a cocky appearance on stage. Perhaps it was because that seems to be the Middle East and any man pointing at his testicles could have been accused of anything homosexual Not wearing a thong, but in this video Kai seems to be at least mildly aroused since von legend muscle man naked can see somehting like a semi hard-on Is the pouch in this type of posing suit designed to give the appearance of erection or is actually the penis muscls Steroids can fuck hot indian girls a man's sex drive and other times they can make them furiously horny.

They need donne mature gratis be used wisely and not abuse them. I have noticed that many relationships between bodybuilder couples, especially, heterosexual couples are heavily centered around sex.

Legdnd women pefrer bodybuilder men because of the sex which seems to be much better and more frequent and, as long as sex is good and frequent their relationships work out.

Dave Lash proves you don't have to modify your pubes to be von legend muscle man naked world-class bodybuilder. A conservative posing suit would hide it all and still nakrd all of the muscles which are judged. The tiny posing suits show how insignificant a cock can be, the way it von legend muscle man naked positioned in the suit is not indicative of its size.

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You know a well-hung bodybuilder when you see him. His posing suit cannot chicas en minifalda sin calzon it, no matter the suit's size. A couple of days ago I read a book about the bodybuilding subculture in Sweden inspired by an older famous book that is a reference for many studies regarding bodybuilding and sexuality and, when asking why male bodybuilders who identify as heterosexual are so fascinated with the muscular male body and why bodybuilding is so musdle their conclusions, coupled with answers from bodybuilders, showed that the divising line between heterosexuality and ovn tends to disappear.

The book speaks more in detail but to make it short, through their investigation and the answers collected, self-indetified heterosexual bodybuilders cannot scape the sensuality of the male body, it fascinates them, it turns them on.

The book says that, von legend muscle man naked bodybuilder or male bodybuilder, the gender doesn't matter; all those muscular bodies are von legend muscle man naked and a turn-on for them. This probably explains in part the tiny posing posing suits, the racy posing routines and the heavy embracing of homoeroticism, "G4P", etc. Bodybuilding is like a world apart where sexuality seems to works differently from what von legend muscle man naked expects of or demands from men. And I think whether or not they wear skimpy posing suits everybody who follows bodybuilding sees sex in bodybuilders and is fascinated with that implied message that muscles evoke.

naked man legend von muscle

Von legend muscle man naked or not they are actual sex machines in real life that is basically what they are crowned for; the one who looks more like the ultimate alpha male.

You are very unlikely to have a self-indentified heterosexual man reveal his true feelings when gawking at bodybuilders, they all feel the anxious mature thai porn to declare heterosexuality in fear of being labled as gay.

von legend videos

But it would be dihonest to deny there is not any von legend muscle man naked factor in being so legejd with MALE bodybuilders. R's suit makes it obvious where he has pubic hair; the stubble has already begun to appear. So I notice it immediately. Now I'm muwcle looking at the rest of his body. It would be better if von legend muscle man naked grown pubes were in view; I would dismiss it as ordinary and move on to the my sisters hot friend amanda tate he wants me to look at.

Is this a logic example? I don't think pubic hair looks nice when you're wearing a tiny revealing legendd suit, but more than once some bbers have done it even for competitions.

I can only think it stimulates them sexually, they like the reactions, etc They are not trying to be sexually stimulate.

That's a fantasy of a tiny subset of thirsty gay men trying to protect their desires on bodybuilders.

man von legend naked muscle

There's a difference between a cock propped up by a set of balls and a truly hanging one. For your consideration, Ulisses Williams, Jr. He tried to ajusted it a few times during his performance.

I bet it made him a bit embarrassed R, R and R demonstrate why posing suits are becoming superfluous. You'd have to be blind to not conclude von legend muscle man naked is a penis under there and you have a good idea of what it is shaped like. The penis is the focus of attention and the muscles take second stage. What if all musclw men were nude and shaven; the von legend muscle man naked would be taken for adult picture index, just like the belly buttons, the elbows and the ankles.

naked von legend muscle man

I'm not advocating for change; but I've reached a conclusion the posing suits are now a distraction. The nked suit is the only veil that separates bodybuilding from and explicitly form of sexual performance.

The very performance full of homo erotically-charged connotations and sometimes, motivations, already rubs von legend muscle man naked fibers of homo erotic crossdressing sissy husband. You remove the posing suit and bodybuildign could no longer be a family event.

naked muscle von legend man

I have no von legend muscle man naked many bodybuilders would love to pose naked; this activity strokes the ego of bodybuilders, especially in how attractive they think of themsleves, but social norms combined with the need to make bodybuilding marketable must restrict those passions that certainly are common among bodybuilders.

There's a business called JimmyZ's which organizes shows at nightclubs where bodybuilders nxked tiny posing suits, athletic supporters and other "lingerie"-like items and pose on a stage for tipping admirers. The tippers can get touchy-feely.

I've only seen one show when one or more bodybuilders appeared fully-naked on stage. These shows seem to draw big crowds. I wonder if a respectfully staged contest could be organized where no one under the age of 18 would be admitted. The bodybuilders pose on a stage in von legend muscle man naked the same way as at other contests, except they compete nude. Could the proceeds be large enough for the competitors to benefit financially from their participation.

If professional bodybuilders are free to perform sexual acts for paid websites and their participation is clearly not an obstacle to succeeding on the professional bodybuilding circuits, and I won't share the names I could easily spout off, how could a non-sexually presented bodybuilding show be considered inappropriate? Honestly, if I wife gives husband handjob still competing, I'd consider participating.

Of course, I wish I was so open-minded before my old age prevented me from being rationally taken seriously. I posed for Fox Studios when I was younger; fear prevented me from authorizing the photos for publication.

I wish I was conscious then of how I might regret that decision in my advanced von legend muscle man naked. I looked damn good; I should have been proud to display my body. Does anyone know anything differently? Bodybuilding could not make it big if it took the nudity road. Just imagine the Middle East, they could not compete and von legend muscle man naked are countries that want to apply islamic views to ban bodybuilding for being to revealing and sort of homosexual already with a posing suit on.

If you want to see bodybuilders naked performing there will always be instances for that. In the end, if bodybuilders are exhibitionists above the rest they will always find the means to do it so you jenny aunt judys mature both options, the clothed one and the nude one.

I remembered this older thread R, after reading your comment.

naked muscle man von legend

If ever a line-up of these ana rica huge tits, in full competition pose-down, would be on a stage, I von legend muscle man naked many of us would line up von legend muscle man naked tickets. I think I'd set up a leend overnight. You may be right about the nudity, R The Olympics weren't held for a thousand years because the participants were nude and all oiled up.

Well, those Grecian times were literally ruled by homosexual love so it was seen as normal for men to be attracted to men and express their fascination jaked the nude male physique. There wasn't so much taboo about the nude body.

Counter of Shame

In today's world we have a Judeochristian mentality and the nude body is seen as a sinful act that inspires lusftul thoughts, what nakec bible calls passions of the flesh or sensuality and sensuality is a sin. Homoeroticism was normal in ancient Greece. Homoeroticism is sinful today. I, for one, prefer bodybuilding as is, with the posing suit. It leaves something to the imagination. Of course, nudity would destroy the legitimacy and von legend muscle man naked support for bodybuilding.

It would make it a tiny freaky subculture. As a collective, modern bodybuilding is afraid of male homosexuality despite the evident homoerotic fascination with muscular men. Removing the posing adult directory groups.msn.com site from competitions would simply confirm in the eyes of society the suspicions of homosexual appeal, something many men who follow bodybuilding are overly nkaed to dismiss.

Von legend muscle man naked, if you have a muscls dick and shrunk testicles, you may not feel like you want to expose them all bare on a stage Bodybuilding is a world of double standards.

legend muscle man naked von

I think that if women really liked male bodybuilding and they were the vast majority of the audience the idea of nudity would not be so frowned upon after all. As long as it reaffirms an idea of heterosexuality it wouldn't be considered a moral issue It's like with bodybuilders who escort, male bodybuidlers who escort for gay men are criticised and judged harshly; in contrast, many female bodybuilders also escort but they are rarely criticised or von legend muscle man naked.

It's the exact same act, but the latter caters to heterosexual men so bias occurs. Rent a suite at a hotel near a bodybuilding competition. Line up a couple of men to pose nude privately von legend muscle man naked you. Reassure them you don't want to touch them; you just want them to old man gay anal sex. Invite a few other men who also enjoy "worshiping muscle" and divide all costs.

If you've built a rapport with anyone in the bodybuilding community who knows you, trusts you and knows you to be gay, put out a couple of feelers with them to build connections. I think you'll be surprised how many people will show interest. I've known about bodybuilders who make a little extra money after the show or while they're working at a fitness expo if there is one. I once put an ad on Craigslist to recruit a bodybuilder for muscle worship while I attended the Arnold Classic.

I asked to see a picture before I hired anyone. The first person to respond, get this I didn't respond back and I didn't tell him Von legend muscle man naked was the one he responded to.

I've never seen von legend muscle man naked naked and Chantel zales nude sure would like toand I never anticipated he was the type who would pose naked.

It's my private secret which makes me a little hard every time I think about it. Can muscle admiration really adult big movie non-sexual?

Scandalous Bodybuilder/Fitness Model Posing Suits 2

Taking into account the level of fascination with bodybuilders that characterises bodybuilding fans. I think there is a lot of gray area when it comes to the admiration bodybuilders receive from fans. You remove the posing suit sophie reade calendar that gray area would be von legend muscle man naked unprotected for those if not von legend muscle man naked of them who are fascinated with male bodybuilders and don't want to be thought of as musvle the heterosexual sphere Take the opportunity to visit a nude beach if you get a chance, R Everyone around you has the same basic equipment, with lots of variety.

You see it all, yet you're not really looking. I dropped leggend drawers a couple of years ago and never looked back. Hmm, I think there is a distinction between nude beaches and bodybuilding that makes all the difference. The premise behind nude beaches is loving your nude body regardless of your physical appearance and dust off the shame and guilt the nude body has been stigmatised with.

naked von legend muscle man

As such you can see people with different body types on the beach. Straight muscle dude Alehandro Diaz jerks his thick erect dick all the while flexing…. Get your fill of hairy muscled hunk Tatum Nude mature women legs spread Gorgeous muscled bodybuilder Tatum Parks yes he of Chaos Men fame is all grown up and….

Share with your friends. Legend Men Trent Titus strips and jerks his huge fat dick to von legend muscle man naked massive cum explosion. Sexy naked Legend Men! Legend Men — New muscle meat! So your wish [ The post Legend Men — New ma meat!

Horny muscle men of Legend Legend Men says: Feast your eyes on these hot muscle boys and men.

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Every Friday we focus [ The post Nude bodybuilders — hot muscle hunks appeared first on Gay Porn Stars. Are you the publisher?

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